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Subject: Farm Family 7All rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. 2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write Kevinmjoaol.com just stop on by ask for Kev. Any resemblance to
any person living or Dead is not intended. We drove home in Daddy's six passenger pick up. Us Boys in the
back Dad and Frank up front. Most of the rest of the time in the
restaurant was spent talking abut the coming Gay dude ranch. Making plans
and figuring details out. Frank had shown Himself really in the know
about many aspects of the Gay life that We four were lacking and I saw
the way Daddy was now looking at Frank and guessed what he was thinking?
Back at home I prepared some snacks in the microwave and We all sat at
the table the blue prints out and beers flowing as We talked on and on
about the Gay Dude Ranch. Frank seemed to know somebody in each of the
Cities we were about to travel to. Then it was Jed who lolita princess laika japan said." You know I think Frank here would be a lot of help on this trip rather
then sitting here house sitting. he seems to know the Cities and the Gay
community in each? Dad I think We should promote Frank here already to
help Us out on the trip?Dad said. " You must have been reading my mind. We'll be hiring staff on
this trip and I feel We should have a person along that know His way
around the Gay lesbian loli incest porn community too." Turning now to Frank he said " Frank would
you consider joining Us on the trip? You'd be paid the same as if You
worked here Plus expenses along with it?Frank said. " I think You made me an offer i just can't refuse. I'll be
more then happy to go along and I think I've got a good man in mind to
replace me here."The deal was set Frank was now apart of the management team for Our new
adventure. Dad let out with he'd adjust the travel arrangements to
include Frank and that the two of them would share a bed room while Us "
Boys" share on large room in the hotels. We now worked out areas of
responsibility on the Dude ranch. Jed was to be in charge of all grounds
operations. That is the horses and pools and walking paths. Eric was to
run the lesbian loli incest porn hotel portion. While I was to run the restaurants as well as the
activities, tours and entertainment. Frank was to be the general man who
would help out where needed. Dad was of course the number one top dog.
Frank suggested that he knew a Man in Philadelphia We could
stop and see while there.Frank was saying. " This guy Frank is a bar Tender in south Philly which
is a blue collar working area, Yet Frank's personality is such he is a
hit with the working guys and they accept him even His being openly gay.
He gets people in a good mood and knows how to handle them and the Guy
isn't bad looking to boot. I think if We can hire Frank to be Our
activities Director we would really be ahead of the game?We agreed to meet up with this Frank when in Philadelphia which was to be
our first stop. The conversation now turned more general as the hour was
really late. But as Dad said We could all sleep in late tomorrow with out
the Farm chores to do. My mind was more now on Dad and if it was possible
to get alone with him and finish what i had started in the Men's room,?
Dad saved the day when He said.Kevin You want to take a walk around the grounds with me and make sure
things are OK before we all turn in for the night?" Sure Dad good idea" I eagerly said getting up from my chair. I winked
at Jed and He smiled back at me knowingly. We walked out side nude little lolita movies
on the
cool early summers day with the stars ablaze in the clear sky. Dad put
his arm around my shoulder and was guiding me to the barn. My cock was so
hard and staining in my tight jeans.Dad " You know Kevin You don't have to do this? I mean i really do need
some release and if Your sure Your into this then I see no harm. But I
don't want to force you into anything."We were half way in the barn now out of sight of the house and i stepped
in front of Dad and reached my hand sown and put it firmly on his balls.
A move I would have sworn would have earned me a punch in the face
earlier? Now much to my delight my hand feeling his big balls through his
jeans earn me Dad's approving moan of pleasure and permission to go on. I
held his big balls and now began to undo his large belt buckle. Then
slowly un wrapping lolita teen young tiny and pulling down his fly. His eyes were closed and his
big 11.5 dick was now staining and out lined for me in his white child lolita pedo russian briefs.
A massive cock head showing and drips of his cum wetting his briefs. With
two hands I forced his jeans, Down over his hips. Down until they were
around his boots. His big dick tenting out his wet briefs I now knelt in
front of My Dad holding his monster cock and took it into my mouth briefs
and all lolita portal underage nude
cum and all and was sucking his cock. Holding his balls wanting
to make this the best ever for Him to insure He'd want a repeat. I loved
how much I had to open my mouth to accommodate Dad's thickness. He was
even thicker then Jed. Dad's hands came onto my head and He was pulling
my mouth onto his big cock saying." OH Kevin I needed this Son. Yea suck my cock buddy. Yea let me feed you
my big dick Boy. Eat Your Daddy's big dick Kevin. Yea Your my personal
cock sucker now Boy. Yea Daddy sure likes your hot mouth on his cock like
this. Now Boy take it bare skinned."I was now slowly teasingly pulling down his wet cum soaked briefs
revealing the biggest cock bar none I've ever laid eyes on and inhaling
the young fresh virgin lolita wonderful manly smell of raw Cock. The head the bare cock head alone
was the size of very young lolita pic
some guy's I've seen whole cocks. Enormous and with such
a flared ridge around it. I opened and was taking in Daddy's cock head my
tongue was having a party on Daddy's dick head. My taste buds going crazy
from the manhood now delighting them no end.. Holding his sweaty big low
hanging balls while eating at his monster cock. his pre-cum was flowing
and thrilling me as Daddy now freely was face fucking his Middle son. I
was not able to really deep throat all that nearly 12 inches of cock but
did what I could and Daddy sure was loving it. I took a chance now a real
chance i moved my hands under his ass and was playing with his hole
pushing lightly with my finger into Daddy's hole. Would He let me? Would
He tell me to stop?
" Yea, Do that some Kevin, Yea play with my hole some Kevin. Yea
Boy like that Boy. Yea You like male pussy Boy?" MMMMMMM I moaned with my mouth filled with his big dick and my finger
now pushing deep up inside Dad's pussy hole. He was now kicking off his
boots and the smell of His sweaty socks and feet joined in with the other
manly odors to thrill my nose as I now finger fucked and sucked my Dad.
He was pulling me off Him but i was putting up a fight. I didn't want it
to end and was afraid Dad was now having second thoughts. I laid back on
my knees still holding his big bare cock and with pleading eyes I said. "
What's wrong Dad?" You worked up one hell of an itch in my male pussy boy. You want to
take care of it for Me? He said with a big grin on his handsome face.Unbelievable. I was in shock. My Dad? My stud Farmer Dad asking Me to
fuck him? I was getting up now and saying . " But I don't have any grease
with me Dad. But hell yes I'd love to slip my dick up that hole of Yours
and ease that itch for you real good Dad."" I come prepared Boy." He was saying as he pulled a tube of KY from his
pocket. he lead us up the latter to the loft. The bale's of hay were gone
now and the floor would have to do. Dad had Us on the floor and now was
puling off my boots and then my socks and down came my jeans and Briefs
and His handsome blonde head was on my cock and Dad was giving me great
head eating my big dick like a pro. I was leaned back half naked on my
arms feeding dick to my own Dad up in the very hay loft My Brothers and I
used. OH God Dad was all over my balls and up and down my cock shaft. The
Man sure loved his cock.
He was quickly stripping again and now bare ass naked for me and was
down again greasing up my pole, getting me ready to dick his pussy hole.
He laid on the top of Our clothes which He had laid out ass up, Legs
spread and ready for my fuck. For a Man in His 40's he had the round
high bubble ass of a 19 year old just as nice as Jed's mine or even
Eric's ass. I came between his spread legs and to this day I shall never
forget the wonderful feeling when my cock first was pushing into his
tight pussy hole and fucking My Dad. His moans as more and more of my
thick cock came into him Entered deep inside His hole. He was a wild
screaming fuck too. This was not a virgin I was fucking into and who laid
under me. Each slam of my teen (19) cock deep into him seemed to produce
a major thrill for Dad. As his pussy lips squeezed tightly around my bare
skinned thick teen cock. I was kissing his thick strong Marine like neck
as I thrust my dick deep inside him and now reached under Dad to take
hold of His big nearly 12 inch cock and was letting him hump teen girls video lolita
on my hand
while I fucked his pussy hole. Dad was soon creaming his load all over my
hand and our clothes and this threw me way over the edge and I screamed
out.Oh Dad, Oh Dad, This is incredible. Oh Fuck Dad here it comes Dad. Yea
Dad take my cum load." My whole body was convulsing as my lolicon video free nude strong cum load
shot with the force of a fire hose out of my dick into his waiting ass
hole. Flooding my own Dad with strings after string of my teen cum. When
the convulsions stopped and the last drop of my cum was fired into him I
pulled off. Holding my cum soaked hand up I licked Dad's cum from it and
He laughed. As we dressed He asked me." Have You and the other Boys gotten into this stuff among You Kevin?" Yes Dad, We just started this week all three of us and I love it Dad I
swear no more Women for me I am a convinced cock sucker and man fucker."He smilingly was messing my hair like He did when I was a kid saying.
" That's good to hear then. Hell We'll be running a Gay dude Ranch may as
well enjoy it while we are at it. Tonight I've made a commitment with
Frank to get it on and You tell the Boys to think about if they would
like to have a kind of Orgy with all of us tomorrow night. You let me
know in the morning. And tell them No pressure to join in." We dressed and cleaned off the cum on our clothes from Dad and
myself. Back in the house the others were ready for bed and Us three boys
headed on up to our one room with Dad and Frank behind Us going into
their room. The door no sooner closed behind Us i was spilling out my
guts to Jed and Eric. Telling them in detail what had just happened
between Dad and myself and what Dad had said about the orgy tomorrow. We
were all ready for Our own Orgy right then and there. As we three
stripped I was watching my Farm Boy Brothers so handsome and I was so
glad We were now a Gay Family of Men. The bed room reeked already of Cock
and Men much to our delight.Next chapter the Group visits Philadelphia. To hire a Gay staff and do
some business while enjoying the nights in the hotel suite.
Write kevinmjoaol.com with comments and ideas. No Flames are answered or
wanted. Give You age for legal reasons and a photo of the Author will be
read opening for instructions on meeting in person with the Author. Check
out my other stories in Nifty.org by going to authors and scrolling down
to Kevinmjo. Please do support Nifty and keep this wonderful site going.
Kevin Kelly
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